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Coral CC

File integrity. Bad Guy Code Finder. Yep!

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Open Source


Cool Tools


Made for webmasters. All open-source.

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Coming Soon:

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A Flexible, Static-Based Freelance Dashboard.

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Engage your target audience. Adapt and succeed!

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What makes my applications stand out?

You Get the Code

Plain and simple and most important: all of my applications are downloadable products i.e. zip files, that you host on your own server! There are no monthly or annual subscription plans and there are no restrictions on resources.

The Technology

I build applications that focus on performance. Each one of my apps is graphically based on Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 and brought to life using PHP and Javascript. Making them responsive and easy to use and customize.

Practical and Pragmatic

These applications actually get stuff done! Each one is intended to provide solutions that freelancers and project leads can use quickly. The learning curve is basically non-existent, leaving you more time to get things done.

Easy Installation

My Web applications are designed from the ground up to ensure maximum compatibility with the majority of hosting services available. Each comes with a step by step easy online installation process.

24/7 Support

I stand by each of my products and I am always available via email. I answer all requests as quickly as possible and I am always working on improving the applications from the feedback of my customers.

Great Documentation

All of my applications come with a built in help guide on how to use the application to include common troubleshooting and walk-throughs. Documentation for each application is simple and easy to follow.

CodeCanyon Applications

CodeCanyon products, labeled with a "CC," are sold exclusively on the Envato Marketplace. Licensing and distribution are handled by Envato. As such, development speed and implemented features on CodeCanyon products depend on their success. I reevaluate each product periodically to determine whether to invest more time into it.

CodeCanyon Product Support Timeline as of May 2021:

Product Current Version Support End Date
Coral CC 1.1.2 Indefinite
Serenity CC 2.1.1 01 October 2019 (Retired)
Entity CC 2.0.4 01 January 2018 (Retired)

All release dates and support cut-off dates for CodeCanyon products are subject to change. I still support bug fixes for items even after the item's lifecycle ends. Support end date is when I quit developing new features.

Wide Distribution over a Trusted Marketplace

Why Envato? I chose to showcase my work on Envato to get valuable feedback from users of all experience levels. CodeCanyon provides a good deployment and support structure. I will continue to develop apps for CodeCanyon into the foreseeable future until it no longer seems cost-effective.

Products sold exclusively on the Envato Market Places have email support but no customization.

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What my customers say about my applications!

This Script is impressive thanks guys good work and great design .

- Ramonte (Talking about Coral)

Amazing application.

- ideahost (Talking about Entity)

This is a very fantastic application and I am very glad I found it at CC. Having tested about two dozens of demos here relevant to project management or client info sharing purposes.I am amazed by the clean design, how easy to use or by the logically structured content. Your demo worked seamlessly on different screen sized mobile devices having different browsers as well. So I purchased it without hesitation!

fbyte (Talking about Serenity)

I just wanted to relate to all potential buyers of this product that I am extremely happy with this software and the prompt and professional support I received from the developer. For 2 weeks I researched perhaps a dozen or more similar programs (freeware, shareware and commercial) and became somewhat frustrated because none met my high-standard of criteria...

- Max Cannon
CEO / Co-Founder Community Lifestyle Concepts, LLC
(Talking about Serenity)

Submit a Feature Request

Have a good idea and want me to pursue it? Let me know by submitting a feature request. If your idea is awesome, I will almost always try to implement it and I'll even throw you a shout out on the application's product page if your idea makes it to implementation!

* I won't share your email address with anyone or add you to any mailing list. It is strictly for informational purposes.