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Take back your peace of mind! Prevent loss and disruption of your website's resources with Coral! Coral is an intrusion detection and file integrity monitor designed to keep your website, web application, or blog safe from the dark exploits of people who are up to no good. It takes some of the most tested Linux security ideas and puts them into a slick and easy to use web interface.

Server and Host Requirements

Apache Web Server

PHP 8.1

Javascript Enabled Browser

Additional Details

  • OS: Linux (Redhat/Debian)*
  • Framework: CodeIgniter 4
  • CLI: Yes

* OS Support is limited to Linux OS only

Product Support

Get serious about your website's security


Version 2 is getting close! Features listed here are subject to change.

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Completely Redesigned

Coral has been redesigned from the ground up! The approach is "less is more," leaving the interface clean, useful, and easy to understand.

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More secure

Coral accounts and filesystem and repository indexes are now encrypted by default to help prevent sensitive information from being exposed.

D Binary Scanner Version

Version 2 comes with a new coral binary, written and compiled in D. While not required, it is much faster and more portable.

Re-worked Cron Job System

Version 2 also brings in a new job queue system to reduce the need for multiple cron jobs i.e. for each monitor.

Minimize Threats

Coral actively monitors your website and web application data to look for tampering and can actively respond to any threats it finds.

Notification of Threats

Get usable and reliable information about threats as soon as they arise. No more "grep"-ing through files and folders looking for hidden exploits. Coral will find them for you.

Automated and Vigilant

Coral can be configured to run when you are not around. It will send you email messages with a monitor report that lets you know each and every time it runs what it found.

Seamless Integration

Coral doesn't care if it is Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, or just a bunch of random files. You tell it where to look and it builds an active repository looking for changes and common PHP-based code injection attacks.

A Wordpress site's best friend!

Coral is a stand-alone application, but it is highly useful when purposed for Wordpress code inspection. Coral is a file integrity scanning tool that allows you to get instant notification when there are modifications to your Wordpress site. Additionally, Coral creates safe backups and allows you to restore a safe copy of bad files without hunting down where the problem is. It is also adept at finding insecure PHP code in your themes and plugins. If you use Wordpress, you should really be using Coral!

Thanks to the stand-alone nature of Coral, it can safely sit on your site and help you find out when bad guys are doing their nasty deeds. Whether it is Wordpress, Joomla!, or Drupal - Coral will inspect and find malicious code.

Built to protect Wordpress Sites

Cost Comparison

Want to know how Coral stacks up against other similar products? Check out the below costs of products that provide similar services.

Coral CC will cost: $28.00 / license

$3,578.00 for 5 Fully Qualified Domain Names

$49.00 - $499.00 per target per month