Platform Independent. Full Stack Web Development.

Business-centered PHP products and solutions built using modern and clean design practices with ease of use and plentiful features at the core of the development process. Batteries are included!

Stand-alone web applications and development services to meet business software challenges. Why pay a monthly bill to use something you'll never be able to customize or integrate into your site? Be free of software as a service and get your own PHP-powered web application built from the ground up hosted on your own website or local server!

What is SaaS? A.K.A "The Magical Cloud"

And no, it is isn't sass, but it might as well be!

Cloud drives are not the answer

Software as a service (SaaS) products are quickly becoming the norm. While this might be an awesome direction for unique large enterprise cases, in most situations it is nothing more than a marketing ploy that takes the code out of your hands with the premise that you don't have to worry about installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting anything.

Someone has to host the application, why not let it be you? If you can install Wordpress, then you can install and host my applications on your own server. No gimmicks, no monthly price tag, just configure, deploy and install!'re done!

Self-hosted. Web Applications.

PHP solutions delivered in a zip file Delivered to you. Ready to be uploaded. All packaged neatly in a ZIP file.


Collaborate and engage with your team online with professional tools that come with no restrictions or monthly price tag.


Manage your client base using a private portal that enhances your business presence and communication with clients without the hassle.

Online Learning

Deploy custom-tailored education opportunities to your staff, clients, or the web with a custom online learning platform!


Offer online scheduling, book appointments, and show availability! All using an intuitive set of tools powered by today's best technologies, and centered on your business.


Do online service work? No problem! Take quotes online, work through creative processes and keep your clients engaged and involved at each point in the process.


Sell your digital and physical products without learning how to incorporate some big, bulky, headache of a platform. Get what you need, how you need it.

Get it built from the ground up! I am available.

Host it on the web or your own server

For the web or in-house - you choose!

The awesome thing about getting access to the code is that you have complete control over where it is deployed! Doesn't flexibility feel good?

On the Web

All ZPD applications are designed to be deployed on a web server running Apache and PHP. All you have to do is some initial configuration, upload the extracted files to your website, and then install! That's it!


You can deploy all ZPD applications to a local business server and use them to help improve the productivity of your team. Flexibility is baked in to each of the products I create.

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