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Powered Applications

PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language that powers a large part of today's web, and with PHP7 it just keeps getting better!

Simple, Elegant, Web Solutions and Services

There is no "one size fits all" application for a business of any kind. A successful online presence is made up of multiple tools, powered by synergistic technologies. Your user's browser is a free window placement ad for you to draw them inside. Let's work to dress that window of yours up!

Web Development

The lovely code brain behind your site! Yeah, I do that too. In fact, that's my favorite part of making stuff.

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Web Design

I'm quick, reliable, and love to make clean and appealing websites that help your business' image.

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Product Installation

I support product installation services for all CodeCanyon and Premium web applications I make and more!

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Stay Relevant and Connected

There are over 3 billion people online at any given moment making it the world's most popular place to shop, research, and stay relevant. It has changed the way the entire world does business. You might have one of the greatest businesses and brightest ideas, but if you are not taking advantage of the available stage-space out there, you're missing out!

Global relevance by being connected on the web

So why not work with someone who is fun and professional?

I'm fun and friendly and I know most people, at least me as an example, want to work with someone who doesn't give you the Troll face all the time and tell you all the things you can't do!

I Listen

I listen to what your goals are for your project. I know you could have chosen anyone else to work on your project, and I am glad to be the one you are considering. So, you have my full attention and I will jump through my entire tool bag to make sure you get what you came for!

I Deliver

I have over 14 years experience working in a service-based industry and I have learned how to efficiently utilize information and the tools available to shape it! Not only are you getting someone who does web development, but you are getting a wealth of experience driving the train to your destination!

I Speak Your Language

I'm a small business owner myself and I can identify with all the many hurdles that small businesses have to jump through to make it online. Let my experience and drive help you skip all the stuff I had to go through to get to a simple end goal. Hand it off to me and I will make it how you want it.

I'm Affordable

I charge a flat rate for all of my skills. I do not nit pick through detail charges. You can rest assured that when you hire me to complete your project that you will be getting every-bit of the money you are entrusting in my services! I have to keep my reputation and I know that it revolves around my customer's satisfaction.

One Developer, Multiple Technologies

You don't need to search for multiple developers to accomplish one task! I have experience with the full array of server and client-side languages necessary to build powerful and unique web experiences!

  • Javascript Javascript
  • HTML 5 HTML 5
  • CSS 3 CSS 3

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PHP is a powerful backend scripting language that lives on the server that hosts your website or web application. It is behind many of today's large platforms such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal just to name a few. It has a long, rich history as being the go-to scripting language for most web solutions. Ruby and Python can't compete in terms of ease of use and delivery time and with PHP7, things just got real!

HTML is the markup language used to structure the content of your website and web application. Your user's browser and Google are primarily concerned with good, error-free, HTML that makes sense structurally. I use the language to it's fullest to ensure you are set up for success when it comes to SEO. That equates to higher visibility in search engine results; Content is king after all!

CSS is responsible for how your users actually see your content when they visit your site. Unlike HTML, CSS is responsible for the way your content looks. I utilize popular CSS frameworks such as Twitter's Bootstrap and Zurb's Foundation libraries to produce elegant and responsive applications that look good and adapt to all the many various devices your users will access your application on.

Javascript is the action layer of your website. Each browser implements Javascript slightly different. It was first created by Mozilla, the organization behind FireFox. I use Javascript to accentuate the display and transmission of data to and from the backend of your application resulting in a "live," desktop-like experience for your end user. I do not, however, use Javascript in the "server-side" application i.e. NodeJS.

SQL is a language for interacting with databases. Databases are the persistent memory behind the majority of websites on the internet. They store valuable information and make for powerful applications limited only by one's ability to implement them successfully. MySQL is my database engine of choice not only because of it's ease of use, but also because it is available on almost all hosting platforms and integrates easily with PHP.

Why PHP? I thought it wasn't cool anymore?

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Pfft....PHP 7 is cool, fast, efficient, and works!

Why PHP and not Ruby, NodeJS, or Python? The results speak for themselves!

Every tool has it's purpose, but when it comes to web development based around an Apache server using a generic HTTP request life-cycle, PHP wins hands down. When it comes to an interpreted language that beats the competition in speed by enormous gaps, PHP wins hand down. When it comes to simple, unencumbered implementation of all of those necessary features without the aid of a computer science degree or endless hours of toiling, PHP wins hand down.

PHP doesn't require, nor does it support, long running processes which can crash at the drop of a hat. Leaving your application or website broke and in need of tender love and care. Javascript? Yeah, well it's a language best kept in the domain of action scripting inside a browser, not on the server. Too many developers are selling half-baked solutions and frameworks because it's all the rage in their cute little clubs. Don't fall for it. If you need to to get real work done on your web server: trust PHP. I know I do.

Everything is Custom

I don't rely on open-source CMS systems such as Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal etc. When you hire me, you are getting a custom-made application to meet your unique specifications. This allows me to deliver a high-reliability product with extensive documentation, great support, and a unique user experience!

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About Wordpress Development

I do not provide development services for Wordpress. This includes Wordpress themes, plugins, or customization for pre-existing assets. Not my lane! It's a personal choice.


Not Currently Available

Unfortunately, I am currently not available for any custom or freelance work. Please check back later or browse through the pricing estimates to get an idea of how much your project will cost to develop.