Serenity CC

Client Management PHP Web Application

Serenity CC is a light-weight, online client management web application built on the Slim 3 framework. Focused on the direct relationship freelancers have with their clients, Serenity CC has been completely redesigned and re-imagined to take client management to new heights. No matter the distance, no matter the job - Serenity CC will meet the goal.

Server and Host Requirements

Apache Web Server

PHP 7.1.3

A MySQL or MariaDB Database

Javascript Enabled Browser

Listed information is for the current Serenity version 2.1.1. Additional dependencies can be found in the composer.json file.

Additional Details

  • OS: Linux (Redhat/Debian)*
  • Framework: Slim 3
  • CLI: No
  • Payment Gateways: Stripe

* OS Support is limited to Linux OS only


Serenity CC is now a legacy a product. The below screenshots are for informational purposes only.

User, Client, and Contact Management

Create an unlimited number of active users and contacts, each with a custom profile, avatar, and more. Serenity CC helps you stay connected and offers a unique and beautiful way to interact with your customers on your website without the monthly bill.

Manage your jobs, projects, and online collaborations all in one place!

Stay on track and get work accomplished. Serenity CC offers a clean and consistent layout to manage your jobs and projects. Each job can hold an unlimited number of tasks, and monitors your overall progress against the time period allotted for the job. You can filter through tasks based on priority or due date. Users can share files and post messages.

Smart and flexible invoicing

Serenity CC utilizes the Stripe single-checkout API to collect payments for invoices online. Invoices offer fast and flexible ways to charge clients for services and products and it also manages taxes both for whole invoices and for single charges.

Intuitive reporting

Stay on top of your business' trends! Serenity CC uses a bird's eye view reporting system to give you quick and reliable information fast.

File sharing like it should be

Any client management system worth it's weight in salt must have the ability to share files. With Serenity CC, you can upload files and attach them to jobs for easy sharing between you, your staff, and clients assigned to the job. For files that exceed your maximum upload size, you can assign an FTP account to a user to upload larger files. Serenity CC takes care of securing and storing your files using a file-system / database-driven hybrid approach. White-list configuration and a powerful security class ensures that no one "accidentally" uploads something that might pose a security threat.

Element Theme Screenshots

A minimalistic blank-state freebie to help you start your own Serenity theme!

Easy and Intuitive

Serenity CC is a light-weight, no-frills, application designed to get freelancers up and running fast! This new version was well worth the wait! Here's a list of some of the more important features baked into the application.

Built-In Help

Documentation and a direct support line is built in! If you need help, you can just fire off an email without ever having to look up that info ever again!

Easy Upgrade

Upgrading Serenity CC is a matter of swapping out one folder for another and dependencies are tracked independently using composer!

Improved Look

Version two features a much cleaner default dashboard! You and your clients can access it from a tablet or smart phone on the go!

User Registration

You can configure the application so users can self-register or turn it off to operate by invite only.

2-Step Authentication

Baked in to the new version of Serenity CC is a powerful two-step, token-based email authentication for all critical account transactions.

Multiple Translations

Serenity CC comes with one translation file by default: English, but you can easily copy and paste it to translate the system text into your native language.

Easy Installation

No more copying SQL into phpMyAdmin! Installation consists of only three steps: Edit your config.php file, upload the files to your server, and visit /install and you're done!

Theme Customization

Themes are distributed independently of the upgrades. No more lost customizations. Serenity offers two free layouts out of the box.

Powered by Slim 3

The new version is powered by the Slim 3 PHP micro-framework which makes for easy editing and a lightning fast response.

Cost Comparison

Want to know how Serenity stacks up against other similar products? Check out the below costs of products that provide similar services and capabilities. Prices include comparative resource allocation and user count.

Serenity CC costs: $21.00 / license


$299.00 per month

Teamwork Projects

$15.00 per user with a minimum of 5 users

SalesforceIQ CRM

$25.00 - $30.00 per user, per month


$45.00 per agent, per month