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Feather TK

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Project Spotlight: Feather Toolkit

Current Version: 0.0.5 built on 2 May 2020

Feather is a quick and flexible command-line tool that makes parsing Apache access logs a breeze! With Feather, you get a suite of powerful, stackable queries that extract subsets of data on the fly in the terminal as text, JSON, or raw lines. That non-destructive flexibility, combined with the CLI interface, allows you to store, pipe, or further manipulate your data in an infinite amount of ways. You can even leverage the power of CRON to run queries and export your high-visiblity data subsets to JSON for ingestion into your back end dashboard. On top of everything, it's completely free to use and open source!

Made for the community

My open source tools are designed for the community and are completely free of charge. This is my way of giving back and opening up my core development to the wider community for improvement and sharing. I look forward to seeing where these projects go!

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Feather TK

Feather is a lightweight and intuitive CLI for parsing Apache logs on the fly to pull out useful statistics about your web traffic. The intent of this toolset is to provide a useful tool to monitor your Apache server traffic.

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Reef TK

Reef is a beefed-up command line version of my Code Canyon GUI product: Coral. It provides a clean and simple way to monitor your important files, restore backups, and scan for malicious PHP code all in one package!