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Last updated 23 May 2023

United States Veterans Military Veteran Discount

All United States military veterans and current active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard receive 35% off the total cost. Proof of military service can be obtained here.

Managed Hosting

I offer flexible options to get your business up and running online. When bringing your own hosting, you will be responsible for server hosting fees. Other options will be billed annually.

Bring your own

Choose your own hosting provider

  • You choose a hosting provider
  • Great for pre-existing presence
  • Labor $80/hour
  • No monthly fee*
  • No Setup Fee
  • Offsite backups 0.50/GB/month
  • Free SSL Certificate

Virtual / Shared

The lightweight and economical option for small to medium sized websites.

  • Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr
  • Get the best rate available
  • Labor $40/hour
  • $10-$60/month
  • No Setup Fee
  • Offsite backups 0.50/GB/month
  • Free SSL Certificate

Bare metal / Dedicated

A robust option for large sites, high performance computing and game servers.

  • OVH
  • Get the best rate available
  • Labor $40/hour
  • $100 Setup Fee
  • $70-180/month
  • Offsite backups 0.50/GB/month
  • Free SSL Certificate

* Client is responsible for any hosting fees

Web Design & Development

All custom design and development jobs require a 50% up-front, non-refundable, retainer fee to get started. This fee is applied to your total invoice.

Design Packages

Landing Page Package

Single page with working contact form.

  • $500
  • Four (4) free revisions
  • $40/hour per added revisions

Bring your own design

PSD or pre-made html / templates.

  • $25/hour
  • Revisions not included
  • $40/hour per added revisions


This also applies to web application design and development.

  • $500/unique page*
  • Unlimited revisions
  • $40/hour per revision

* This is unique page designs not url endpoints

Supplementary Developer Rates

Content Editing

  • Content writing and SEO balancing $60 USD per hour.
  • PSD/Sketch to W3C compliant HTML $40 USD per hour
  • $30 USD per hour video conference training
  • Documentation writing $30 USD per hour

Application Development

  • Custom PHP/API Development $40 USD per hour
  • Wordpress Solutions $80 USD per hour
  • Database Development $40 USD per hour
  • Custom License terms fee 60% or $1,500 whichever is higher.

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