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There's control, and then there is total control...

A Control Center

An alternative to unintuitive and bloated CMSs that actually hooks into your site and provides a complete set of practical features. Components are modular and I integrate only what is necessary or desired for your project.

Fast & Agnostic

Ivory is really lightweight and framework agnostic - it can be used with standalone static sites. It's built with Slim 3 and uses a modular, object oriented, backend that is easy to customize to fit your business.


What good is a webmaster tool if it can't easily change to modern trends? With Ivory, everything is modular and any developer can hook into the API to create even more powerful components.

About Ivory

Ivory is a control center included in all of my custom web development projects. With Ivory you have instant access to a suite of functionality, built into your site or application. Ivory makes being a webmaster easy, intuitive, and stress free! Sleek and intuitive, it is controlled by an integrated dashboard and hooked into all aspects of your product. Custom functionality is easy to achieve thanks to the unique hooking and event systems it employs.

All the meat and potatoes are built in!

Stand alone website manager tools and utilities. Dropping in functionality to your website couldn't be any easier! Learn more about what Ivory brings to your project by contacting me today!

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