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A Zen Perfect Design fork of an already awesome framework: CodeIgniter 4.

Coming to GitHub 2024


Ivory is focused on staying light-weight while also enhancing and expanding the full array of CodeIgniter 4's highly rounded toolset.

Open Source MIT License

This is a passion project built for the community and other developers to rapidly prototype projects - go ahead and fork it! It will be on GitHub!


Ivory's strong points are an automated installation mechanism for easy distribution and a modular plugin like system for expandability. It's designed for freelancers.

What is the Goal?

Made for the Backend

Ivory is focused on web application backends. So, it is an awesome choice for developers to clone in and get started. It is built on CodeIgniter to meet that familiar workflow, while adding some unique syntactic sugar and built in tools on top.

Built in Theme Support

The goal is to create an easy, extended theming system that utilizes all of CodeIgniter's built-in conventions and language options while allowing for easy reuse of components. I intend to release two themes in the main repo, a dark and light theme.

NoSQL Storage Options

Ivory offers alternative and unique ways to store and encrypt data without the need of a complicated database model making it an awesome choice for small projects. It achieves this through new libraries and wrapper classes.

Extendable Web Installer

Ivory has built in URL detection features and a new .env configuration file generator to allow distributing your end product to clients much easier. No client likes editing the code! With Ivory - they won't have to.

Powerful Configuration Handling

Ivory offers some pretty cool libraries for managing your application's configuration and end user options. These libraries hook into the core of the bootstrap process to make prototyping and deploying your app a breeze.

Long Term Commitment

First and foremost this framework is for me, no offense - but I have a vested interest in making this as feature rich as possible, but I am pushing this on Github to share and compare. I think CodeIgniter 4 nailed it, now it just needs some love for real-world projects.

Cool Vanilla Javascript

Ivory comes with some nice javascript functionality out of the box for working with APIs and AJAX data using ES6 and the fetch API. It doesn't sport a full-blown JS framework, but this is about PHP anyway...right?

Fonts and Icons and CSS

Most of the popular CSS frameworks and javascript libraries are packaged in the master repo by default. Even though they're there, you don't have to use them, but integrating them in your views is a breeze!