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Firefly is a solution to address the everyday requirements of doing business online as a freelancer or a small development team. It provides an essential set of tools to conduct business online, manage your clients, invoices, projects and more all installed on your own server! Firefly uses a flat-file data storage strategy, providing you with portability and version control of your most important business information. It's responsive and secure and you pay once and get the code forever!

Server and Host Requirements

Apache Web Server

PHP 8.1

Optional MySQL or MariaDB Database

Javascript Enabled Browser

Listed information is for the current Firefly version 0.0.1. Additional dependencies can be found in the composer.json file.

Additional Details

  • OS: Linux (Redhat/Debian)*
  • Framework: CodeIgniter 4
  • CLI: Yes
  • Payment Gateways: Stripe

* OS Support is limited to Linux OS only

Online business shouldn't suck!

Let Firefly give you a comprehensive suite of tools to get your job done.


This product is currently in development. Feature-set subject to change.

An Intuitive UI

Firefly CC is light-weight, fast, and improves upon Serenity's functionality to get freelancers up and running fast! It has everything you need, and nothing you don't. Everything is managed via a browser accessible web interface with powerful command line features for more tech-savvy users.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and painless and you don't have to edit any configuration files to get up and running fast. All configuration is handled using the web-interface, making Firefly a great solution for just about anyone at any experience level.

Security Minded

Firefly is secure out of the box and offers excellent built-in reporting features to alert you in case of a data breach. It offers the option to encrypt all static PHP and JSON data files, making it extremely hard for anyone to gain access to confidential client information.

Flexible API

Firefly offers a very flexible Command Line Interface and REST API for getting access to your data in multiple formats from the outside. For technically inclined freelancers, it also offers unique ingestion API routes to pull in and report on external data from your site, wordpress application, and more!

Cost Comparison

Want to know how Firefly stacks up against other similar products? Check out the below costs of products that provide similar services and capabilities. Prices include comparative resource allocation and user count.

Firefly CC will cost: $28.00 / license


$299.00 per month

Teamwork Projects

$15.00 per user with a minimum of 5 users

SalesforceIQ CRM

$25.00 - $30.00 per user, per month


$45.00 per agent, per month