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The prices indicated here serve to give you a good range to use when considering me for your project. Every project is different and the prices shown reflect the man-hours required to complete common web projects with various static revision and dynamic factors included.

Costs and Considerations Made Easy

My design and development services are estimated and broken down into easily understandable domains. Each domain has varying levels of complexity and time requirements. I estimate my end price based on the appropriate man-hours required to complete your project multiplied by my base hourly rate.

Visual Design

HTML, CSS, artwork, images, initial mockups and branding.


Content management, SEO services, and ghostwriting.


Training and product support costs for long-term commitments.

Information Architecture

Business information design and delivery, online data persistence, and database voodoo.


Required integration with third-party applications and services.


Scripting interfaces for "on the fly" interactivity and updating.

Easy Pricing


Website pricing is generally pretty straight-forward and variation from the below estimates is usually based on the length of the initial design approval duration. Websites are charged based on the number and complexity of the layouts required. As an example, to design a website like mine would cost about $9,000 USD

Per Layout Low ball


Per Layout High ball


* These prices reflect static website design only. No server-side programming is included.

Web Applications

For the purpose of simplicity, I include relative costs of what it would take to develop my currently pre-made products for you. Of course, these are only used to illustrate an approximation of your cost, but are in no way a complete and accurate bottom line. Every project is different.

Start at around


Cap out at


Entity Approximate Relative Cost

Similar Approximate Cost: $4,500

Serenity Approximate Relative Cost

Similar Approximate Cost: $1,800

Coral Approximate Relative Cost

Similar Approximate Cost: $1,000

General Services & Pricing Information

Quotes I provide are based on a $50 / hour rate. Time to complete certain tasks is adjusted and billed accordingly. Below are some of the current services I currently provide.

Visual Design

Branding and Identity Research
Initial brand and market research to get to know you and your competitors. I use this time to tailor the final product to your business' focus.
HTML and CSS Mockups
HTML mockups and initial designs. Cost varies based on the brevity of your approval. I do not use Photoshop or Illustrator for mockups - what you see is a live test site with a chance to test in a live browser.
Stock Art, Images, and Content procurement
Locate required stock imagery and artwork and adapt it to suit your design. I relay the costs of any stock images to you during my initial HTML and CSS design.


Content Development
Produce relevant, engaging, and well placed content for your website or application that is focused on SEO best practices.
Continued Content Management and SEO Service
Maintain and update content on your final product.


Bugs and Fixes
All my web products get one year of free email support included for free. After the initial year, support is provided either through an annual service fee that is billed monthly or annually based on your requirements.
Website or Web Application Management
Provide oversight, monthly reports, and on the fly enhancements.
Training and Documentation
Produce training and documentation to help you, or your employees, manage and update your final product.
Security Services
Provide in-depth security monitoring and version management to prevent critical business data loss.

Information Architecture

PHP Server Side Scripting
Basic PHP development services which includes all server-side PHP scripting.
Database Design
Creating an optimized database solution to hold all of your pertinent business information and data.
Database Maintenance Service
Optional service to maintain and backup your database in case of issues.

Integration Services

Third-Party Integration Scripting
Planning and implementing third-party software and service support for your website or web application.
API Development
Development and maintenance of server API for cross-platform applications.


Javascript Scripting
Hooking up your frontend to the server to help enhance functionality of your website or web application.
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Flexible and Agile Development

When you contract me to support your next online endeavor, you are hiring a professional. I am flexible and able to provide numerous services for you and your company. If you have specific questions regarding the services I provide, please contact me directly.

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