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All of the applications I create are deployed on the web and powered by PHP. All you need is your favorite, standard-compliant web browser and you're on your way!

Powerful web-based solutions made from scratch ... a recipe for awesome!

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Everything on the web is powered by independent and co-existent technologies. I specialize in backend development and enjoy connecting it up with a beautiful and semantic front end that meets the needs of your business and informs your customers.

Forget Software as a Service

Drop the monthly price tag and get the code!

During any research online will almost always lead you to a plethora of software as a service based solutions. Adobe, Microsoft, and everyone else is jumping on the "pay indefinitely to use our products" band-wagon. Don't settle for the guise of a large corporate solution that is bloated and inaccessible. Put a stop to the cycle and get the code!

Start with an idea

Let me know what your business needs, how it needs to behave, and what the end goal of the application should meet.

Let me build it for you

I build your application from the ground up to be responsive, adaptable, and intuitive. No fluff, just what you need, how you need it.

Deploy and enjoy

Upload the finished application to your site with ease. Setup of my applications takes around 20 minutes top for a beginner.

What's in it for you?

User Account Management

Powerful and customizable user account management comes with each application I design. Regain control of how your employees and clients access your application by defining their permissions intuitively. Joomla! and Wordpress are too focused on content and tied to an opinionated codebase to offer the kind of flexibility that my apps offer when it comes to defining and implementing user roles.

Reporting and Data Integration on Lock

Whatever it is you manage: customers, events, projects, jobs, products, services etc. my application will help you get the most of your online engine. Reports and customer data can be formatted and tied directly into your local business practices. No need for any plugins or addons; You tell me what kind of data you need to track, and it gets baked right in the application!

Safe, Secure, and Self-Aware

Built in analytics and traffic monitoring are not an afterthought. If you are used to using WHM or cPHulk, then you will feel right at home with Vulcan, Cinder, and Coral - my trusted security trio for managing and monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic. Scan your application and stay up to date on who's going where they shouldn't be!

Custom Design and easily customizable

Even though I design every application from the ground up, I still make it super easy to customize all my applications without ever needing to contact me. To achieve this, I use Symfony's Twig templating language for all templates and it couldn't be any easier to customize the look and feel of your application without paying for additional services. Should you decide to hire another designer in the future, they will not be pulling their hair out trying to do their job. If only all things could be so future-proofed!

Enterprise-class features and one year of included support

In addition to all the above features, every application I craft comes with 1 year of free email support and a reasonable amount of customized tweaks after launch. I go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your product and do my best to keep you from having to email me over and over for additional options. I love the phrase "do it right the first time!"

Still have Questions?

Here's some quick questions and considerations to help you make a decision.

What equipment or software do I need to host or provide a web application or service?

It depends on how you intend to deploy your application. Will it be public or online, or on a private dedicated server? Regardless of your answer, you will need a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server stack. If you plan to host it online, you will need a paid hosting plan, preferably one which gives you more control than most shared hosting plans do. Hosting plans come with a monthly or annual price tag, whereas an in-house server can cost as little as $300-$400 USD for the Server itself.

How long does a typical web application take from start to finish?

This is entirely dependent on your specifications and the amount of time it takes to agree on the design. By far, the most involved and time consuming part of application development is the front-end design and user-interface scripting. Making frequent changes during this time can really slow a project down, but it is to be expected. After all, this is the first time you see your idea come to life - so their are usually going to be numerous little tweaks until you're satisfied.

How do I get customization and support services after completion?

I offer 1 year of unlimited support on all web applications I create for you. During that first year, I charge you nothing to correct bugs and give you training on how to use the application. This does not include additional customization work. Each customization request is considered a change if it requires the implementation of a new feature or the complete rework of an already existing feature. Minor tweaks to interface styles are included at no cost. I determine each request on a per-case basis, and I'll let you know up front if it is going to cost you anything. Even if it does, most of the time it's like $30-$50 USD, a lot less than others try to charge you.

What technologies do you use?

Technologies? I guess you can consider the languages and markup in this category. Scripting and markup languages include PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Linux or macOS are my Operating Systems of choice for all web application development.

Do you work on Wordpress based solutions?

Not currently, but I have plans to start working on Wordpress projects in 2018.

Do you work on Joomla! or Drupal based solutions?

I have absolutely no intention on working on either Joomla! or Drupal project work at this time.

Still have questions?

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