Probe CC Polling and Survey Platform

Probe CC

Polling and Survey Platform

Probe CC is an intuitive web platform for collecting and analyzing relevant market data and insights. Probe offers a colorful and creative blend of surveys, ratings, and poll tools to collect vital feedback from your clients and or your market to aid you in making informed decisions. Open source options, I'm looking at you, you green fruit, only wishes they looked this good while doing it!

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Host & User Requirements

  • Apache Web Server Apache Web Server
  • Php Version PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • JavaScript Enabled Javascript Enabled Browser


  • jQuery jQuery
  • Built on Slim 3 PHP Framework Slim 3
  • Tested Browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari


This is a list of currently planned features and it is subject to change


Create complex surveys and questionnaires with conditional forks and numerous question types.


Get quick feedback from your users by deploying the old familiar, but highly useful, poll.


Offer a stylish way to rate specific pages, products, or items using one of Probe's built in rating components.

Custom Break Outs

Customize how you see your data by defining specific reports and visualization groups.

Custom Reporting

Take and analyze only what you need non-destructively through custom printable and exportable reports.

Detailed Analytics

Analyze everything, I mean everything, without the headache of a tool getting in your way.


No SQL Configuration, Installation, and Operation

Probe is the first application that will be based solely on a flat-file data system. It uses a combination of PHP and JSON configuration and data object storage to keep everything together. You can version control all of the things!