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Your Organization's Intranet Platform

A premium intranet solution for organizations of all sizes. Organic offers a modular component-based architecture that allows you to use the pieces you need and nothing you don't! It is built on a highly expandable foundation which makes it easy to add additional components when you need the extra functionality.

Server and Host Requirements

Apache Web Server

PHP 7.1.3

A MySQL or MariaDB Database

Javascript Enabled Browser

Additional Details

  • OS: Linux (Redhat/Debian)*
  • Framework: Slim 3
  • CLI: Yes

* OS Support is limited to Linux OS only

These requirements are subject to change as development continues.


My First Premium Application - This is it!

Organic is the premium step-up version of my CodeCanyon project management application: Entity CC. Purchasing licenses for Organic will be handled exclusively through GumRoad. Purchasing the application gives you one year of free updates and support.

About Organic

This is a list of currently planned features and it is subject to change

Early alpha dashboard sneak peak

Early development peak at dashboard design. Subject to change.

Manage your Organization

Organic offers a spacing model dubbed Ecosystems. Using these digital workspaces, you can manage very granular control over digital assets and information.

Seriously Sweet Design

Organic's default theme: Unicorn is a masterpiece that bodes well on any device your clients or employees throw at it. It is colorful and lively, but follows a very functional focus.

Modular by Design

Organic is built on separate components tied together by the Organic Service Provider class. Using this model, you can fine tune available components and use only what you need to get the job done!

SQL and No SQL team up

Your application's data is stored in an ingenious combination of flat files and MySQL to allow for easy editing by developers and full version control features.

A Bold Replacement for Entity with all it's features and then some!

Entity's powerful role and access management has been streamlined. Additionally, the media management process is a combination of complex hashing and data storage allowing for fine control over resource constraints and more. The configuration options for components offer very unique applications and instances are not applied system-wide allowing for multiple uses for the same component.

Online Training

Measure your employee competencies using a mix of videos and powerful testing tools using the built-in Scholar component.

Project Management

Manage jobs and projects within your ecosystems, manage your team, and get access to an entire array of project management tools to include tasks, progress reports and analytics, GANTT charting, local calendars and more.

Capture and Survey

Get insight from your employees and your client base using a mix of private and public deplyed surveys using Organic's built-in Probe component tool set.

Measure User Engagement

Collect and analyze important intranet stats and query raw access data using a slick and blazingly fast Cinder component.

Built in Reporting

Query just about any data Organic manages using simple query-builder tools. Save common reports for quick access and get the data in multiple formats such as CSV for Excel, text files, and JSON for API communication with external applications.

Built in Security

Keep your application and your data safe using a custom tailored Coral CC component, a malware scanner and injection detection beast.

Remote Modularity

Have a huge infrastructure operating at multiple sites? No problem! Organic is designed to work seamlessly with other instances over the network, helping mitigate the strain of large data storage while balancing the easy flow of information throughout your organization.

Access Control Fine Tuned

Every user in the system has a profile and custom permissions which can be modified in very fine ways. Allowing you to manage exactly who sees and does what at all times.

Automated Service Scheduling

Automate system-wide scripts and notification using Chronos, my custom cron API component. With Chronos, you set what needs to get done, when it needs to be done and you only need to add one line of code to your Crontab to get it booted up!

Numerous Internal Auditing Tools

There are too many tools included in the utilities section to mention, but numerous internal auditing tools are available to stay in the know of your organization's operations. Auditing tools require special access.

My First Multi-Technology Distribution

Organic will leverage some components written solely in the Rust system language. Low level operations will fly and take advantage of multiple-core processor threads.

Learn more about Rust