Nickel CC Digital Commerce Platform


Digital Commerce Platform

Avoid the headaches that come with bulky platforms that take forever to configure and setup and start selling your work today! Nickel makes it easy to run a digital store online and it integrates seamlessly with your website. Your work is important to you, and you shouldn't have to worry about how to deliver it. Get paid for doing what you love and lose the headache so you can focus on making more content!

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Host & User Requirements

  • Linux OS Linux-based OS
  • Apache Web Server Apache Web Server
  • Php Version PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL Supported A MySQL database
  • JavaScript Enabled Javascript Enabled Browser


  • jQuery jQuery
  • Built on Slim 3 PHP Framework Slim 3

About Nickel

This is a list of currently planned features and it is subject to change

Sell your Digital Goods

Nickel offers a seamless and easy way to sell your digital content from your website, without ever making your customer leave to some other site.

Digital Control

Take control of distribution of your digital products, regulate how many times they can be downloaded, and stay informed on how your products are accessed and used.

License Management

Product keys, licenses, token, yeah we all know about them. If you sell items that require support, you can easily track and verify qualified purchases all from one place.

Feature rich and small

Nickel is a fully-functional e-commerce application that offers a smart checkout cart, a personalized experience, and solid product management.