Serenity CC Release Information

Version 2.1.1
Build Date 28 November 2017



No Longer Available

As of November 2019, Serenity CC is no longer available for purchase. This support page will remain available for customers who purchased the application prior to it's end of lifecycle.

About CodeCanyon Products

All support requests for CodeCanyon products must be initiated using Envato's messenger or by posting a comment on the CodeCanyon product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Serenity?

Start by opening the installation.txt file in the main CodeCanyon zip file. Follow the instructions in this file, in order, to get up and running fast. Make sure you edit your config.php file using your favorite text editor. Finally, ensure you navigate to your app/install directory on your website and do your initial configuration, which includes setting up your administrator account.

HTTPS address breaks my CSS and JS!

If you are using SSL or HTTPS to serve your site you will likely see a lot of display errors. More specifically, the site will load without style sheets and look rather ugly. If you plan on serving your Serenity application over a HTTPS connection using your SSL certificate, then you will need to edit your app/constants.php file. On line 35 of the constants.php will you will need to "hard code" your web address to the version vs letting Serenity determine it for you. The new function that determines the BASE_URL path is not designed to enforce https connections. I will be working on improving this in the next release.


How to Install Serenity

Installing Serenity couldn't be any easier! You edit one file and and then perform a quick three step process online. If you're stuck inside the config.php file, this video is for you.