Entity CC Release Information

Version 2.0.4
Build Date 07 January 2017

No Longer Available

As of January 2018, Entity CC is no longer available for purchase. This support page will remain available for customers who purchased the application prior to it's end of lifecycle.

About CodeCanyon Products

All support requests for CodeCanyon products must be initiated using Envato's messenger or by posting a comment on the CodeCanyon product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you read through the built-in documentation for a full understanding of the features offered.

How do I install Entity?

Start by opening the installation.txt file in the main CodeCanyon zip file. Follow the instructions in this file, in order, to get up and running fast. Make sure you edit your config.php file using your favorite text editor. Finally, ensure you navigate to your app/install directory on your website and do your initial configuration, which includes setting up your administrator account.

What is the purpose of custom forms?

The custom form feature of Entity {CC} is designed to help you create custom tailored forms for users to get a quote for a project. Currently only one form can be accessed from the main page. This form is selected from your settings menu. In upcoming versions you will be able to deploy your custom forms to project pages. These forms could be anything from polls or surveys to feedback. The options are limitless.


How to Install Entity

In this video I show you how to easily install Entity and give some advice on common things to look for while performing the installation.