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Yes. I am actually starting it in 2018.

Published on November 17, 2017

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Wordpress Services

I have been doing a lot of research and rather than reinvent the wheel, I have decided to open up my web development and design services to the Wordpress sphere. I am going to start small at first, only offering themes and web design, and then slowly move into plugin development and possible even porting some of my popular apps to Wordpress. As much as I absolutely cringe at the idea of it, I am not ignorant to the fact that most people are comfortable with the platform and appreciate the ease that it brings in maintaining a small website and that it is a huge PHP-based market.

The biggest reason I have not ventured into the WP fan club is because of the numerous security-related targets and wide-spread hacks that come with any Wordpress installation. Wordpress is so popular that people have spent a lot of time studying every aspect of it. That can be good and bad, but in my personal experience and the interactions I have with people who maintain their site on it offer an inevitable and overlooked gaping void for snakes to slither in. Even though it doesn't affect me directly, since I don't use Wordpress, I don't like the idea of designing and developing a plugin for an application that might give someone a free pass at your data.

Probe is a thing

Probe is back on the block! It is my first No SQL based application and I plan on implementing it on my own site in the next month or so for trial runs. The goal of Probe is to offer a stylish interface for you to deploy surveys, ratings, and polls using a single engine that is available anywhere, on any platform. So, it doesn't matter if you use Wordpress or a static HTML site. The intent is to include the Probe External Component and stylesheet and deploy it anywhere you like. I originally planned on creating probe due to the terrible survey application options out there at present. Anything that's not SaaS is simplistic and ugly as hell to look at. I hope to change that with Probe! Be sure to check out the product info: Probe Product Page!