Site Relocation Complete

Zen Perfect Design is back up and running.

Published on October 20, 2018

News and Updates

Site is back up

The site relocation went off without too many problems and I should have the Serenity demo back up and running shortly. As of now, I am working on updating my contact information and getting an email solution in place. Emails to the old support email address will not be received. However, I updated all my CodeCanyon info so any comments, questions, or requests for help initiated from their site will make their way to me! I will have more information up soon. I am currently working on a lot of projects and hope to get back in to full-swing in the upcoming month.

Problems still

I haven't uploaded the screencasts for any of my products yet. Unfortunately, I failed to have copies on hand for the gotta love it. I will continue to work on getting everything back up to 100%.