Serenity Officially Retired

Four years of my lightweight portal development comes to a close.

Published on November 11, 2019

Serenity Application Icon

Serenity is now legacy

As of today, all development and updates for Serenity version 2 have officially come to an end. I will continue to provide bug fixes to Serenity customers until May 2020. Firefly development is back in full-swing starting this month and I hope to have it on the marketplace by the end of the year. Firefly, Coral, and Probe will be my main CodeCanyon applications into the foreseeable future. The hope is to create a more manageable product update release cycle. Maintaining two freelance dashboards based on radically different code-bases goes against that intent.

What's coming

I will be releasing a "Pro" version of Coral next year based on the lessons learned from Firefly's static file-based data system. If initial tests are any indication, it will be much faster and more portable. The pro version will not be available on CodeCanyon.