Serenity 2.1.0 is ready!

A new blueprint theme ready for customization

Published on July 02, 2017

Serenity Application Icon

A new theme: Element

The demo is already live and the CodeCanyon update will be in the Envato queue tonight! Element is a minimal theme that gives you an awesome starting point for customizing your own Serenity theme with all the layout stuff already in place for you! You can check out the screen shots on the serenity product page.

A whole new engine

A lot of optimization has taken place under the hood. You will notice immediately that the installation page has been completely redesigned and is much more straight-forward. You will also notice that there is no more BASE_URL variable to configure!! All you have to do is create your database, configure your config.php file, and do the online installation and you are ready to go! This update is NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE! Basically, you will need to upload your entire app folder and do a complete reconfiguration of your config.php file to get up and running with the new version. There are no database changes.

More themes on the way

As I promised earlier in the month, I will be releasing my first premium theme very soon. I built Serenity to be much easier to design themes for since it now provides consistent and straight-forward data for each and every end-point in the application. As I grow the app, and everything starts to settle, I will be releasing an API reference on the Serenity support page which will allow you to further customize the application to behave how you need it to for your business.