Serenity 2.1.0 Set for July Release

Lightweight doesn't mean useless!

Published on June 25, 2017

Serenity Application Icon

Get ready!

Serenity 2.1.0 is moving along smoothly. I have already refactored (aka tuned up) the whole application under the hood in preparation for future updates. The biggest and most important refactor has been the relocation of all route data into their own classes. I never expected to go the distance for Serenity in the beginning in terms of functionality since it is focused on very small businesses and freelancers; I always wanted it to be simple and straight-forward with no fluff. However, I am also looking at new ways to lengthen it's lifespan and one way is through expandability, user-customization, and ease of use. With that said, I have already made tremendous headway on the next free theme: Element.

Element Free Theme

Element is a new free theme that will be packaged with the CodeCanyon download and offers a more minimal-styled application that creates a good starting point for your own theme design (Just copy and paste it to make edits). I also have plans for a third free theme which will use only native bootstrap styles. I think most designers will agree that it will be an even better starting point for making Serenity your own. As I work through the theme engine as it is right now, I am moving toward making customizable dashboards using a list of predefined widgets that will offer tremendous flexibility and personalization. With the new widget system, you will be able to deploy cards and lists wherever you want, pulling only the information you require! This is no small feat and is requiring a lot of source code edits!

Set for July

I originally hoped to have it off to CodeCanyon today for review, but I think I am going to hold out so I can pack as much into this upcoming release as possible. The main reason for this is because 2.1.0 is already a backwards breaking update, and the less, large changes you have to make, the better! There is no update to the database itself, as of this article, but since I ported the Coral database installer to Serenity, upgrades to the database will be seamless!

What's new so far?

  • Completely new installer
  • Free new theme: Element
  • Custom report questions in the vein of Quicken Quick answers (and you can save reports too!)
  • The ability to export business information to Excel for download and further processing
  • A completely new media interface for uploading, downloading, and previewing files
  • Additional control of email notifications for new registrations and password resets
  • Cron API for automated reports, sent via email
  • Added ability to sort through and delete user notes
  • Enhanced translation integration (Still going to take a while to get it right)
  • No more BASE_URL configuration! It's detected on the fly

Let me know what you think by putting some hype on it! Visit the Serenity product page.