Serenity 2.1.0 Sneak Peek

Serenity is getting a tune up

Published on June 10, 2017

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Serenity will be receiving it's first large-scale update very soon. There will be a lot of improvements to the theme and language functionality. This update makes significant changes to Serenity under the hood and will likely break any customizations made to current themes. Upgrading to this version will require a complete replacement of the app and themes folders. Another very important thing about this update is that it will require PHP version 7 because it leverages the Twig 2.X templating library. Read below for specific changes expected to be in this upcoming release.

Themes and View Models

I am moving all of the routes to a standard-based "view model" structure. This will make it easier to create custom themes that can deliver a consistent set of data that can be expanded or constrained without breaking the theme. This method offers an awesome way to regulate and customize what data is actually presented in your portal based on your specific needs.

This version will demo my first premium theme for Serenity called "Atom." Atom is a professional, dark, corporate theme which will be available for purchase on my website for $10 USD. Atom will be in the demo, but will not be sold on CodeCanyon. I will make sure this is explicitly spelled out on the Serenity and CodeCanyon product pages. I will be periodically creating new themes for Serenity to help extend its appeal and lifespan. The default theme is packaged with the application and updates to it will remain free to all customers who purchase the application on CodeCanyon.

I hope to make Serenity a modular platform that designers can develop for relatively easy in the vein of Wordpress. As with any customizations you make to a theme, it is recommended to copy the default folder and rename it to test out your theme. I recommend this, because if you break something, you can easily copy over a fresh working copy of the original theme file and start over. Customizing a theme requires a knowledge of PHP, Twig, and the data being delivered by the application. I will create a reference guide in the upcoming months to help you create your own themes.

Language and Translation Improvements

Language and translation support is being enhanced. This version will introduce a solid foundation for multiple translations. There are still some system notifications and responses which are not catalogued for translation. I will fix all these loose ends in the upcoming update.

No more BASE_URL

Version 2.1.0 has finally done away with the highly problematic base url definition that has been stumping a lot of my customers. Serenity will now automatically detect the base url without any configuration. It has been removed from the config.php file that will be distributed with the application.

Updated Installer

The database installation component has been upgraded using the very successful implementation I created for Coral. This will make installation and upgrading a super-easy process and it will not require any manual copying of data. Guys, seriously, it only took me over a year to figure it out. :)

Enhanced System Error handling

This version will introduce an update to the fail-safe system built into the application. Serenity now logs errors in a more useful way. PHP errors are captured and logged independently of Serenity errors to help distinguish problems. When you have difficulty with your installation, sending me a copy of these logs will make it easy for me to get a fix out extremely fast!

PSR-4 Autoloading

Serenity 2.1.0 will be fully compliant with PSR-4 autoloading, making future updates a breeze and making it unnecessary to perform an optimized dumpautoload command on future builds. This only applies to developers who are extending Serenity with additional composer packages.

Let me know what you think

Well, this will be a big update and I am sure I left out some of the other many things I have been working on. Please make sure you rate the product on CodeCanyon and let me know what you think about the application by putting some hype on it!