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Published on March 28, 2017

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About Payment Gateway Support

As of now, I only plan on supporting Stripe as the official payment gateway for all of my applications. I understand this frustrates a lot of you, but unlike my open-source alternatives, I am one guy and coding and testing on multiple payment platforms is not currently a viable option for me. So, for the time being, and into the immediate future, Stripe will be the only payment gateway I support.

PayPal Support

I do plan on adding PayPal integration using the Braintree PHP SDK, but this is not a priority for me and you should not expect it to be something that I will spend a lot of time on fully fleshing out and as advanced as the Stripe integration options. The problem with using multiple gateways and offering features such as multiple currencies and other fancy things, is that none of these gateways play nice together. I simply do not have enough patience or time to make viable products that work, without errors, across all of the many gateways out there for the cost of the product. Especially since CodeCanyon products cap at out $26 USD. That's not even enough to pay a web-developer an hour to work on such a product (and an hour would not even be close to how long it takes to do such intricate wiring).