Progress on Entity's Successor

Organic development is in full swing for a 2018 release along with Serenity and Coral updates!

Published on May 31, 2018

News and Updates

Organic: A Snapshot as of May 2018

The Entity CC demo has been taken down and there is no further work planned on the project at this time. As for it's replacement: Organic, work has been slow and steady as I incorporate newly created Ivory components into its core. Adaptability and modularity are being be built in from the start to avoid the problem I encountered with Entity. With Organic, the goal is to provide an extendable web application that allows easy customization of all features and built-in functionality. The interface design has undergone a lot of revisions but I hope to have some new screenshots on the Organic product page in the coming months.

As for licensing and release options, Organic will offer two distinct deployed experiences:

  • A personal, single website license (Released first)
  • An organizational multi-license, cluster of Organic nodes which share and communicate information between them

To support multiple deployment offerings, I am also doing a lot of back-end API work on my site in preparation its release. So far, here are the biggest enhancements, which will cascade to my other products via Ivory:

  • Zero configuration file editing. EVERYTHING is automated and editable using the web user-interface.
  • Dynamic component integration into the Slim 3 request lifecycle using middleware and event hooking
  • Multiple translations. All translation files can be created and edited via a simple web interface
  • Custom templates for invoices, project pages, intranet organization, and more
  • Powerful custom reporting powered by an exhaustive set of rules to create your own unique reports
  • True one-click updating of application files and database structure changes

These are only a few of the many great things on the way. I will have more info soon.

Physical and Digital Relocation

As of May 2018, I am operating out of Germany and by October 2018, the Zen Perfect Design website will be hosted on Digital Ocean. It has been a long time coming, but I'll save you the time reading a thorough roasting Bluehost; Let's just say they need to reevaluate their business practices and consumer base. I should be back up in full-swing by August pushing out the next updates for Serenity CC and Coral CC.

Serenity version 2.2.0

Serenity's next update is a rather significant security and performance optimization release. In addition, the graphical interface will be changing quite a bit. The default theme is getting a makeover and moving to a more color agnostic, "vanilla," look and feel to allow easier customization without too many presumptions in your business' current design and branding. After the 2.2.0 release, I will commence with my original plan to sell themes individually here on the site. Once Serenity's feature list is cemented, it will be easy to push out useful themes that allow you, or another designer, to tweak and edit a variety of interface options with little effort. Serenity CC is my primary CodeCanyon product and I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure it is both: feature rich for the majority of freelance users and worth the price!

Coral version 1.1.2

Coral's next update is primarily focused on automating malware signature updates without using CodeCanyon product pushes. But there will also be a lot of enhancements made to the internal logging engine to track changes and actions much more granular. Coral is probably the most powerful and useful utility I have ever made (I use it for my own websites) and the next few updates are going to really focus on binding the UI with the power under the hood. For power users, the built-in command line app will also be getting a lot of new functionality allowing you to manage your Coral monitor completely from the command line to assist with quick operations that do not require a graphical UI.