Command Line Tools for Webmasters

My first open-source project coming soon.

Published on October 26, 2018

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Command line tools for everyone

So, during a SANS class I started work on a set of PHP command-line tools focused on webmasters. So far, the set has a fully functioning Apache log parser, for insights into your traffic based on your Apache access logs, and a lot of Coral's security features in a quicker, scriptable file integrity solution. I'm hoping to expand into a web application firewall, based on Apache logs and Vulcan analytic tracking. The command-line makes the speed and flexibility readily available for further processing and analysis. I hope to have the project up on Github by the end of December. I want to make sure everything is developed to standard and works with a multitude of systems. I am little nervous, since this is my first open-source project, but hopefully it gains some traction.

The experience and code from the command line tools will feed directly into my Ivory framework and be a part of all ot the custom projects I work on. Power users will appreciate the ability to access, mold and capture the "on the fly" output for use in other scripts or applications. Of course, all of this can be automated using cron, which you can use to email yourself in-depth reports on the state of your server daily (or however often you would like). The optioins are truly limitless.

More info coming soon!