October 2017 Status Update

Because sometime you just need to know right?

Published on October 05, 2017

News and Updates

Entity 3

I have not had a chance to work on Entity 3 much these last two months. It is still at the front of the queue to get released, but I am taking my time and letting ideas flow before I get too far into development. The goal is a modular application that offers enough flexibility to fit multiple business applications. In order to achieve this, I have to do my homework and really look at the "necessary" features vs the "optional" stuff. I promise, I will release more information as development kicks in.

Organic Internet

Organic internet is on pause until Entity 3 is finished and pushed out on the CodeCanyon marketplace. I will be using a lot of the lessons I learn from Entity's initial release and apply the same modular methodology to Organic. More to follow.

Serenity 2.1.1

Serenity development is on hold indefinitely due to the lack of sales in the last 4-5 months. I am considering pushing out a lifecycle end date and moving away from the light dashboard altogether. Unfortunately, spending loads of time developing new features for applications that sit stagnant on CodeCanyon for the better part of a year is not feasible and really a waste of effort.

Coral 1.0.3

Coral will be getting one more update to add a lot of additional features focused on making the application easier to navigate and operate with as little effort as possible. However, as with Serenity, Coral has been on the market since April 2017 and we are in October (6 months later) with only 4 sales. It saddens me to start dropping products so quickly, but I could spend hours and hours making Coral a beast...a unique beast, with no competition, but if people don't buy it - it's also a waste of effort. Coral is the first product I have been pushing ads for online, and it hasn't paid off in the least bit. My current thoughts on Coral, is that it will likely find a much better home in Organic, as an integral part of that application's security. Coral is an awesome app, I don't know how to say it any clearer.


This year has been slowly nudging me toward the notion of just focusing on Entity as my sole CodeCanyon product. Maintenance will be easier, and if all else fails, and future versions of Entity become stagnant, I will have to look into other distribution options.