November 2017

A new direction and a new goal for 2018.

Published on November 10, 2017

News and Updates


Nickel has been added back into my upcoming line up of premium applications. After some thought, I have decided that it will be an awesome challenge to make a small, portable, digital commerce platform that allows you to sell digital products on your website. As of now the only payment gateways I will be implementing will be the Stripe and Braintree (PayPal) gateways.

Unavailable Status

I will be unavailable for any freelance work until July of next year. I will still respond to email requests, but I will not have much time to work on large projects. If it's something small and straight-forward, then shoot me the specs and I'll let you know if it's something I can take on. Website design and small PHP integrations don't take as much time as a full-blown web app.

Three products in the chute

Entity 3, Nickel, and Organic are all in the development process (simultaneously). I am using each to bolster up a powerful application framework, based on Slim 3, which will help me re-utilize common components to help reduce the development time to push out a finished product. I played around with moving to a large, full-blown framework like Laravel, but the restrictive workflow and necessary wiring for simple installs on shared hosting for non-developers will make for too much of a headache. Slim offers a route dispatcher system, a DI container, and all of the room I need to keep bloat at a minimum. My new DB abstraction layer is simple and easy to mold into something that anyone can setup and it offers re-usability across multiple apps.

Designing and developing over the last two years has given me a lot of insight into my workflow, what the average buyer demands, and how to link them up without all the extra bloat and complicated obfuscation.

Entity 3

I have been making a lot of ground on Entity. The next incarnation of my behemoth project management application is built around the whole idea of end-user customization. Every major feature is being placed into separate components that allow you to deploy and utilize functionality of each without having the stuff you don't want. I realize that most projects are planned and executed using completely different means, with Entity I am doing my best to provide you with common tools that you can mix and match as you see fit. it's all about works for you and your team in the end. Here's a sneak peek of the current feature set:

  • A full user-defined user role and permission system, based on JSON.
  • A flat file data integration system to manage dynamic component state and user preferences.
  • Projects and jobs separated into their own entities, where projects support jobs and have their own workspace with dedicated tasks and deadlines.
  • Gantt chart capability without the javascript using only CSS and HTML.
  • Custom reporting, much like Quicken's easy-answer functionality, that allows you to create and save your own custom reports.
  • A very detailed activity monitoring system, with a custom implementation of Coral built in for security
  • A widget system which allows you to customize your static pages with information that is relevant to you. The system is built on the component system, each offers various ways to deploy and display the information the component is designed to monitor.
  • Unlimited personal and shared calendars with automated reminders and notifications managed by the linux cron utility or like software.
  • A much more mature messaging system which can text clients and members of your team using free provider SMS Email Gateways for most of the large phone companies - also controlled via cron.
  • A much easier installation process that does not require you to edit any PHP files to get up and running! The goal was a Wordpress-like setup process.
  • Custom forms for surveys and feedback, designed and deployed wherever, whenever, for whatever you need.
  • Open API that allows for installations of Entity to communicate and share information via HTTP/cUrl requests, secured by strong hashed license keys. You can install it on multiple servers to open the global domain.
  • OAuth login functionality for Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

There's so much more, but I think that is a good start to get you excited!

Product Updates

As I said in last month's post, Serenity and Coral development are currently on hold due to poor sales. In fact, I am considering moving away from the CodeCanyon marketplace altogether because of dwindling demand for pre-built code products. Entity will probably become my primary CodeCanyon product. I think it will be easier to maintain and implement new features. I was seriously considering "rebranding" Serenity, but all of the ideas and courses of action that I played out in my head led me to the same conclusion: end-users won't like the direction I intend to take it.