May 2016 News

A lot has changed and more is on the way. This is what happened in May!

Published on May 21, 2016

News and Updates

New Website Design

I took some time to clean up the site and make everything just a little bit more accessible! I have to keep it fresh every once in a while. Some of the most notable changes are my new quick estimate page and the loss of the product roadmap. To be honest, lately I haven't had much time to spend developing new features for my current apps. You know how life goes. That's not to say that I have been completely dormant, but a Serenity reboot is way overdue.

Entity Update

Being that Entity is my current flagship product, I've spent a lot of time making sure it has a sustainable structure that will last well into the future and be extensible and easy to change. I managed to release the next patch upgrade, which most notably adds a new file manager and fixes some minor bugs that users were reporting (not to mention that bad registration message - oops!). I will be seriously dedicating some time to flesh out an already advanced project. Not to boast, but there really isn't anything out there like it, and believe me I am always looking at my competition! For only $26 (thanks Envato) it is really an under-priced beast and it took over a year to develop.

The only downside to the new version is that upgrades are a bit of a pain. If you are upgrading from version 2.0.2, please contact me directly so I can provide you the patch script to get your database up and running. I am still working out the ins and outs of the upgrade module. I hope to have it complete by version 2.0.4. I am also steadily working towards an integrated calendar and GANTT charts. The question is not how to make them, but rather how to integrate them in the application. I am in debt to a lot of the feedback of my users, but I could always use additional user-feedback to make this an application competitive with crook SaaS alternatives.

Serenity Update

Serenity is old but not forgotten! I have almost completely finished the reconstruction / recreation that is version 2.0.0! Now it is mostly just design decisions and client-based hosting considerations. It is the first application I have done completely built on the Slim 3 micro-framework and I am super excited. I chose a micro-framework over something like Laravel or CodeIgniter for the simple fact that I code all of my applications from scratch and I don't like those magical solutions that force you into a certain design architecture. The main thing it does provide is a clean way to construct routes, offer templating, and make dependency management a breeze. By the way, the new version is super fast!

What's Next

I scratched the entire early build of Scholar {LMS} because I just wasn't happy with the look, feel, and operational flow of the application. I still have a lot of research to do, but it will be the first of my premium applications released and self-distributed using the GumRoad payment platform. Drone {CC} is also coming up, but again, I completely changed my mind on the art direction and design of the application. I often tend to put too much functionality into an application and forget that each application needs to serve a specific purpose. Drone {CC} is my answer to a self-hosted support desk platform and the list of features just keeps getting bigger but includes at a minimum: Support tickets, support forums, support messaging, bug and issue tracking, and a built in FAQ manager / generator with WIKI capabilities.