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Published on December 31, 2018

News and Updates

You got to love those delays...

So, I scrapped the idea of bundling my upcoming CLI tools into one package: Ethereal. I kept thinking about that saying: "Keep it Simple Stupid" as I registered each new console command, trying desperately to standardize the commands, switches/flags, and arguments. Add to that, a Windows 10 update took my development laptop offline by overwriting my Fedora boot sector and an electrical problem with my main PC's case prompted a complete rebuild of my main system. All these little problems contributed to one missed release goal after another.

After a long week of sifting through 5-10 year old StackOverflow articles, my development laptop is finally back up and my PC rebuild was finished just yesterday. As for the command line tools, unlike Artisan, which is Laravel's CLI tool, Ethereal has many components that do drastically different things. So, with that in mind, splitting each of the tools up into their own repo will help keep the commands shorter and more intuitive. It will also offer a much easier path to add layers of fine manipulation, enhanced collaboration, and easy code refactoring later down the road. So where is the project at?

The Apache toolkit is completely finished. As for the security kit, now named Reef, it still has some polishing up before I feel comfortable pushing it out into the world. I will be updating the site to reflect all the new changes throughout this week. Hopefully, if time permits, I can actually get this out the door by next weekend. If this upcoming week is anything like the last two...well, let's just think positive! More information will be posted on the site soon.