Major crash

Developer woes suck, but this one sucks real bad

Published on July 13, 2016

News and Updates

Computer Crash and Git Woes

My primary Mac Pro box crashed in late June and it has been a load of "fun" trying to clean up the after effects. I had to move my development setup over to Ubuntu 16.04 which took a while to get everything up and running. Unfortunately, all of my previous git repos on my local NAS were corrupted... and I am still struggling to get the new repos up and running. There seems to be some kind of screwed up bug with Ubuntu and Apple shared repos, which I can't find a solution to anywhere. Luckily, I still have full versions of all the applications I was working on. However now I am running into issues with Entity on my ubuntu setup in PHP7 and Serenity development has came to a crashing hold.

I know Serenity was supposed to be out during the last week of June, but now I am at a standstill on all development work. Even more nerve recking is an apparent problem with Entity 2.0.3. I was planning on releasing a minor update to Entity immediately after Serenity's debut, but now I am in shock and unable to get either ready for a push out. In addition to my application repos, my site repo died too. So yeah, last month and this month so far have been quite short of awesome.

Please be patient, I am working on a solution, but it will take some time and I do not want to push out shoddy work if it will break your builds.

Nickel eCommerce Platform

After everything is up and running, I will be releasing information about an upcoming light-weight digital store app called Nickel. I look forward to this year and hope everything gets back on track soon!