January 2018 Announcements

Old stuff that's leaving in 2018 and new products coming up

Published on January 23, 2018

News and Updates

I've been busy

I have been very busy developing new products and planning the path I want to take ZPD into 2018. There are a lot of changes coming this year and I am excited to announce all this new stuff! This includes both with my product lineup as well as my site and business services. However, this year, I am taking a more cautious path in regards to announcements and commitments. As products get retired and I move into new niches and markets, there will be a lot of shifting schedules and priorities, so I am leaving more room to grow. Here's a sneak peek.

Entity 2.0.4 product demo will be taken offline

I will be taking the current Entity demo offline this month in preparation for its retirement from CodeCanyon. Although the current product was semi-successful, it has been available since 2013, suffered tremendous bloat, and it's time to move on. I have a lot of other projects in the chute, and I think they have much higher incentive to customers than continuing to refactor a dated codebase.

The Future of Entity

Entity version 3 is still in development, but it is a leap away from the current application in terms of design, focus, features, and target audience. I will not be releasing Entity version three on CodeCanyon. I know this is in conflict with earlier plans, but it is what it is. Entity version three will be sold and distributed as a premium application available for purchase on GumRoad. All support will be provided here on the site. The price point has not been finalized, but it will be sold and maintained as an annual support subscription for access to updates.


My new component infrastructure is almost ready. I give you Ivory! Initially, this product was code-named "Vanilla," but since I am nearing completion, I have decided to rename it Ivory, based on the PHP platform's Elephant mascot. Ivory is a framework of components that I will be using on ALL my development work for clients. This includes even static websites. It is truly the "tusks" of all of my future applications! Ivory's core features include:

  • Vulcan: Built in Analytics with detailed reporting and logging options
  • Cinder: Tightly interwoven with Vulcan, relays user engagement on your web pages using Javascript and AJAX interaction with the Vulcan API
  • Tower: HTTP Middleware component for whitelisting, blacklisting, and managing HTTP traffic
  • Reef: Brand new and optimized version of my CodeCanyon IDS: Coral, using optimized Xenophobic Dynamic routines and newly added directory monitoring
  • Phantom: Integrated SEO analysis
  • Bloom: Core bootstrapping and hook functionality for configurable and adaptive PHP process flow
  • and more...

More components will be added as I maintain the framework. Ivory will be included in Entity and Organic and versioned independently of each application.

Coral 1.1.2

As stated in the last Coral article, I will be incorporating an automated parser updating mechanism into the application to keep you up to date with the most recent threat signatures and patterns without releasing new updates on CodeCanyon. In fact, this will be the last update to Coral on CodeCanyon, excepting for bugs and other minor issues. As much as I really wanted it to do well, and expected it would, the sales and analytics on my CodeCanyon product page are deterring me from offering this up on the marketplace with poor returns and a high piracy rate.

Serenity 2.1.2 security update

The next version of Serenity will bring updated security options, enhanced logging capabilities, and more. This is focused on meeting a wider range of organization security policies. I will also be enhancing internal application performance and fixing a few display bugs as well.