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Published on April 20, 2019

News and Updates

A new product for Freelancers

I've been quiet for some time now. Behind the scenes, I have been working on small solutions here and there but now I think it's time to reevaluate my current product line up and the way ahead. After six years of relying on CodeCanyon for product sales and promotion, only one product really stands out and that's Serenity: a light-weight dashboard focused on solo-freelancers. The sad truth is that, as of this article, I haven't updated Serenity in over a year. It hasn't been for a lack of trying, it's just that sales and feedback have been so sparse that I wasn't getting enough input on how to proceed. Any large changes would be breaking. Additionally, almost all of my early PHP products on CodeCanyon have been strictly tied to a database backend, which makes huge changes a pain for my customers to deal with. So what's the solution?

Enter Firefly. Firefly will be what I intended Serenity Redux to be: A modern, modular, flexible, and light-weight freelance control center that gets the job done at an affordable price. What's the difference? Firefly will rely on a flat file data model. Flat file data storage will really help allow me to make subtle, or large, changes to the business logic without making it a headache for my customers to upgrade. It also allows for a modularity that Serenity just can't provide without breaking stuff. By modularity, I mean that adding specific features and solutions won't be hard to accomplish since the data will be flexibly stored in JSON files for easy molding and restructuring, without breaking everything. It also opens up a whole new way for easier installs and customer configuration. With this announcement, comes an unfortunate announcement.

Serenity 2 development and support will end in 2019

As of 01 October 2019, all support and development of Serenity will officially stop and it will be retired. The intent, is that Firefly will be my primary CodeCanyon dashboard product. I am only one guy, and developing and maintaining multiple product code-bases is a pain. It's also not fair to customers to have to wait for new features or bug fixes. At the end of the day, that 5-star rating my products maintain on CodeCanyon relies on my ability to deliver useful tools and solutions to my customers. Unfortunately, the economics of it often makes retiring a product easier than maintaining it.

The future of Coral

Even though Coral hasn't seen an update in a year, and has only sold six copies as of this article, I am still working on it. As put out in other articles, my intent is to get hot and heavy on a suite of command line tools for webmasters that covers just about anything you might need access to. We're talking security, traffic visibility, data collection and more. Coral is a GUI web app that sits on a very lucrative set of goals. Right now, I am working on Reef, the open source set of libraries, that will eventually be Coral's underlying engine in the future. Coral will be the GUI interface to Reef, which is a very powerful set of security scanning routines and operations powered by the PHP CLI. The PHP7 CLI offers huge performance gain over a Python solution with the same intent. With that said, Python will be used for some of the more advanced and system-wide operations in Reef.

The future of ZPD

This year hasn't afforded me a lot of time to work on personal projects. However, I am still committed and looking forward to releasing a lot of new solutions for web masters and developers. The site will be getting a huge overhaul this year. I am looking for a much simpler look and feel and an easy way to get you the information you need without the hassle. I'm still playing around with some ideas, but if everything goes along at the current pace, the new site will be up some time in November. With this comes some API functionality for my CodeCanyon products to assist with updates and add ons. I look forward to making 2019 the year I finally get a lucrative long-term project out to my customers on CodeCanyon.