Entity's Replacement

A new type of intranet for your business

Published on July 31, 2017

News and Updates

A Noble Successor

Entity development, as I have noted in other blog posts, on version 2.0.x is coming to end this year. Since that announcement, I have been playing with the idea of a modular, component-based, application to replace it. Serenity was designed to be a limited-scope, freelancer focused, version of Entity. However, it was never intended to replace it. I am happy to announce to you today, that I have started working on my next prominent SaaS killer! My new application, ordained Organic, is going to blow your socks off! You won't believe what you can accomplish with PHP and a simple Apache web server. No more having to rely on Wordpress, or any of it's plug-ins, to manage the complex ins and outs of your organization!

Organic licenses will be sold and distributed exclusively on GumRoad. No business or organization is built the same way and Organic works to address this challenge. The goal is to build an expandable application which adapts to the needs of my customers. With Organic you use what you need and forget the rest! Everything in Organic is based around the idea of a component-based hierarchy.

With components, you can install the functionality you need, without the performance overhead or unnecessary exposure to the stuff you don't need! Organic is fully translatable and offers multiple payment gateways. Every "space" in Organic is denoted as an eco-system. Inside these digital eco-systems, you can manage complex organizations by giving your employees a secure online space to work in, and a solid collaborative engine to help achieve your business' goals! Flexibility and customization are at the forefront of my vision for this product.

With Organic you manage a public and private space which allows you the opportunity to create surveys, get customer feedback, and track user-engagement. Organic uses a powerful, file-based, configuration which controls all aspects of the application's functionality. Using this architecture, you can version-control and backup valuable data collected while the application is in production - nothing is ever lost!

Some of Organic's features as of now:

  • User and Custom Access Role Management
  • Job and Project Management
  • Invoicing and Subscription Management
  • File Sharing and Digital Prototyping
  • Customer Research through Surveys and Feedback
  • Employee Salary, Leave, and Engagement Management
  • Online Training for Employees
  • Multiple Languages
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Easy, "No File Editing Required" Installation