Entity version 2.0.3

Entity version 2.0.3 brings a completely revamped file manager

Published on May 24, 2016

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New File Manager

After a lot of tooling and experimenting with ways to manage user files in Entity, I decided to drop the "CuteFile" manager and design something from scratch. The other way was too much fluff and no functionality in my opinion. The new approach makes use of the PHP SPL DirectoryIterator object for hard scanning files on your server and then the application ensures they are matched to a record in the database. With this comes the option to allow your users to have a FTP account to upload files larger than your PHP script allows. Then all you have to do is come in and resolve the file in the database and your done!

New Automated Database Installation

The long awaited database installer is up and running in 2.0.3. The only drawback is for those users who are performing an upgrade. I didn't have a chance to fully test and implement the database upgrade class yet, but I hope to have it finished by the next release (which won't be very long from now). This drastically cuts the installation process down to only creating a database and a database user. I wanted Entity's installation process to be more "Wordpress-like" and I think I achieved it with this version.

The awesome thing about this is that the same installer is used in the upcoming redesign of Serenity!