Entity version 3!

Entity will be getting an update after all...

Published on August 14, 2017

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Wait, I thought it was Dead?

Well, Entity version 2.0.x will be dead come January 2018. However, I have decided rather than releasing the alpha version of Organic on CodeCanyon, I will instead incorporate the technology in a new and improved version of my flagship client portal: Entity. This new version of Entity will incorporate many of the code-fu techniques I plan on tweaking for larger organizations in the Organic Intranet. I am starting work on this immediately. I will be unavailable for all custom work during the product's development to focus entirely on making a smooth beast of an application.

Nickel, Phantom, Scholar, and Probe - Where did they Go?

I have played out the idea of separating these ideas into stand alone products for a long time now and I have come to the decision, they will be bundled, as components, inside of my upcoming premium product: Organic. The codebase for each is begging to be an incorporate sub-component of a larger product. i think the best way to truly give you the most for your money and truly provide a rich expression of each of these functions requires a framework to deploy. This framework is, of course, the Organic Intranet.

Send me feedback!

If you are an avid Entity user from years gone by, please send me any suggestions, feedback, feature requests, and UI design ideas for the upcoming version of Entity. Design-wise, I will not be straying too far from the original concept, but I have learned a lot of lessons which will make development go much faster. I am also planning on, hesitantly, relying on javscript a little more than I usually do to provide a smooth, life-like feel when using Entity. It will retain all the same features as the 2.0.x series, without the bloat, and a bucket of new stuff. I plan on supporting Stripe and PayPal out fo the box. More features will follow as I draw near a delivery date, which I hope is about 3-4 months from this article.

Sold as separate product

Entity version 2.0.x will continue to get maintenance releases focused on squashing bugs, implementing missing functionality, and the like, but there will be no new features added from this point forward. Entity 3 will be introduced as an entirely new product on the CodeCanyon marketplace. Entity is performance and scalability for larger organizations managing multiple teams and clients.