Entity updated to version 2.0.4

Entity gets some polish on the project timer and fixes a few bugs

Published on January 07, 2017

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Entity version 2.0.4 released

I have uploaded the new version of Entity to both CodeCanyon and to the demo site. This version fixes a few bugs and enhances project time keeping. For a full list of changes be sure to check out the changelog.txt file in your app folder. The biggest thing to know if you are upgrading, is that you will need to do a clean install and manually move your earlier data over to the new system.

As stated earlier, I will be halting development on Entity as of version 2.0.6. I have two very large things I will be implementing by the time I quit work on development. The first is the task calendar. Every user will have a calendar that displays pertinent information to them such as upcoming tasks they are assigned to and invoices that are due. The second, and most important change, will be the change to permission settings. I am converting Entity's way of serializing permissions to a JSON format for easier implementation. I expect to have both of these features done in version 2.0.5. This next update will be a large update with a lot of internal optimization included in preparation for version 2.0.6. What that boils down to is that much of the internal parts of the app folder will be restructured.

At present Entity does not use namespaces. Version 2.0.6 will focus on application routing. I will be moving over all internal routing and dependency management to the Slim 3 framework. This will make for a much lighter and easier to configure application that will grow well in the future. Even though I will not be developing any new features after 2.0.6, I will still be working toward fixing any bugs that arise. I will halt all support for Entity on 01 January 2018. After that point, I will begin to move Entity into a legacy state. I will probably give it about 3-4 months after my support end date to remove the product from CodeCanyon.