Coral is Now!

A PHP intrusion detection and prevention application for the rest of us

Published on March 19, 2017

Coral Application Icon

Coral 1.0.x will be out this week!

After some internal redesigns and necessary style revisions, Coral will be submitted to CodeCanyon for review this week. I will be updating the Coral product page with screenshots of the new application and will be releasing a screencast covering the basic functionality by this weekend. There will be NO LIVE DEMO for this application, unfortunately, due to the inherent security risk it poses. Coral is adept at scanning and scrubbing a site, so much so, that demoing it on my server would open me up to a lovely onslaught of threats!

Fear not though! I am working on implementing a Docker-based demo for all of my applications in the upcoming months, and Coral will be available using that Docker container. Until then, the screencast and the images should speak for themselves. I have not found anything on the market that does what Coral does. It is easy enough for the everyday user and powerful enough to squash even the cleverest PHP hacks. I plan on releasing it at a price of $23 USD and I think it is well worth more, but totally understand the CodeCanyon paradigm.

Be on the lookout!