Coral Development is Underway

A powerful website and web application security blanket

Published on January 13, 2017

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Coral 1.0.x is coming soon

I am currently working on a unique PHP intrusion detection system named Coral. Coral is a powerful stand alone intrusion detection and prevention system built on PHP that takes some of GIT and Linux's version control and security ideas and places them into an easy, and quite stylish, web interface. Coral is designed to scan your site or web application for malicious code and helps actively notify you and remove / disable bad code promptly. It can monitor and detect all types of common Wordpress backdoors and uploaded web shells. No more looking through loads of code to find out where the bad guys put that back door, Coral will find it for you in no time!

Coral works by indexing a known, safe state of your website and maintains a repository of hashed copies which it can seamlessly compare to your current website code. It monitors server modification and alteration times to find possible targets quickly while managing system resources efficiently. Thanks to the database-driven monitoring engine built in, the server load to complete common security routines is miniscule and it will scale nicely. Security routines can be configured and ran automatically using cron jobs. Cron can access Coral's API via the PHP command line interface thanks to the powerful Symfony command line component.

For those of you wandering what's next, I am developing new products in the order they appear on the products page. I am trying to get more applications onto the market place and each plays a very unique role in helping small businesses get up and running with common tools. To increase development time and get Coral out quicker I have opted to not include themes or translations as features. Coral is destined for CodeCanyon in the upcoming months. It will be the only one of my three upcoming security and web monitoring apps to make it on CodeCanyon as a stand-alone product. Vulcan and Cinder will be released, with Coral, as Citadel, a premium product which will go on sale by the end of the year. More information on Citadel will be released after I finish Coral. Stay tuned!