Coral Automatic Parser Updates

Upcoming versions of Coral will give you access to up to the minute updates on parser pattern signatures

Published on January 12, 2018

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Automatic Parser Updates are Coming

Future versions of Coral will include an automatic parser pattern signature update check. So what does that mean? Coral operates by parsing files on your server using one of the current three parsers:

  • PHP Parser
  • HTML Parser
  • HTAccess Parser

I update the signatures (AKA regular expression patterns) on a frequent basis. These updates include additions, corrections to old patterns to minimize false positives, and tweaking current pattern severity levels. As of now, the only way to send these updates out to my customers on CodeCanyon is via a product-wide update. I am moving away from this, and saving those kinds of updates for much larger, system-wide type stuff.

For the parser updates, I am building an API bridge between your Coral application and the ZPD website. Using a new system page, Coral will give you immediate access to updates for your parsers which won't require you to download the package from CodeCanyon or go through the hassle of copying files over; This will all be automated. I hope to have this feature in the next version of Coral, which I estimate will be done sometime this month or early February.

All of this early work on Coral is in an effort to package it up for an upcoming project I am working on which is solely focused on utility operations on stand-alone sites and other platforms. More information to follow.