Coral and Future Utility Work

Tools, tools, tools... that's the spot!

Published on September 13, 2017

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Coral 1.0.3

Whoo hoo! Coral will be getting an update very soon. I've had plenty of logged hours using Coral in the "real-world" and I've taken note of numerous little ways to make the application easier, more practical, and more resource friendly. Coral has been an awesome little project, and I have to say that, out of all my apps, Coral is the one I am most proud of. It serves a very specific purpose and focuses on a very specific problem, trying to solve it in the most straight-forward way while offering a very simple dashboard to control and make sense of it all. With PHP 7 as a requirement, it runs super fast but still offers easy access to customize the heavy duty stuff under the hood. The biggest and most important thing that will be in the upcoming version, is the ability to choose monitors throughout your filesystem's sub-folders. Even sweeter, in concert with this new feature, Coral will adapt on the fly to prevent duplicate monitoring of nested monitors / sub-folders during scans.

Reporting is getting an upgrade. More specifically, rogue files found during routine scans will offer more detailed and informative analytics which also offer the option to prompt an email when they are found. Rogue files are, by definition, files that Coral finds in your monitored folder which do not have a copy of in the repository. That is generally bad for business, unless you put those files there yourself. As of now, rogue files are sort of a second-class citizen and they do not prompt anything and require manual resolution without notification.

Recently, Coral caught a .rar file on my own site, which prompted a full-on security blockade on Serbia and a heft review of my Apache access logs. However, the notification was absent since no flags were thrown by the file since it wasn't a monitored file. This is about to change! Rogue files will take a first-class citizen seat and there new supporting insights getting put in to support that new position. Additionally, I will be offering new cron API routes to call utility scripts to perform cleanup / security operations behind the scenes. More to follow on that though!

Utilities are my future for a while

I am very keen on developing more webmaster utility apps like Coral. Coral, Phantom, Vulcan, and Cinder are four apps which I am including in a single-product "website backend tool" I am currently calling: Vanilla (Now Ivory 23 January 2018). It is something of an interesting project which will challenge me on the integration front, but will ultimately open up new and awesome utilities to any website owner to make use of. Easy analytics, custom observers, reports, and engagement analysis. Yep. This is about to happen (After Entity 3 of course)!

My first open source project: Still

Still is an open source, flat-file / sql-less, blogging platform which I am actually building to address my own needs. The Still project will be available as a free download here on the site and on GitHub! While there are some really awesome flat-file apps out there i.e. Anchor, Grav, and more, I hope to make something easy, usable, and object-oriented. If I can use it for my own website, I am sure it will be useful to others! The project is still a ways off, but I think a little plug is deserving.