Coral 1.1.0 Delayed

Making things awesome can take some time apparently...

Published on December 08, 2017

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What's going down

Coral is almost completely ready for a push to CodeCanyon, but I am currently working on some issues with the memory and execution time of monitors that actively monitor file systems over 4K files. With the introduction of the new "Live File system" scan, I have been running into timeout errors on my own local machine - which is pretty damn bad ass, and worrisome to say the least! From this, I can guarantee that it will be a problem if I were to push this out to people on a shared hosting platform. I have made tremendous memory reduction through the use of generators in common security routine file array processing, but there is still an over-arching memory hog with the current implementation of my Spider class. I am getting closer, but it will take some time.

With that in mind, I am also crafting a more flexible interface to handle rogue files and large changes to your monitored files (discovered in the live file scan). Managing an active website will be less frustrating using the upcoming version. I have used Coral on my own site for almost a year and I have been collecting small ways to make the end user much happier by making repo inclusions and deletions a much easier process than it is currently. I have already moved all cron security routine calls to the PHP CLI to remove the memory and execution time variables from the equation. Unfortunately, due to the way the live scan is implemented, I have to develop a polling system to preserve system resources.

Polling is nothing more than an initial execution of the live scan followed by a PHP CLI initiation of it and having the web page "poll" the application using AJAX calls until the scan is finished so that the relevant data can be obtained. This is a tricky business and requires a new file locking mechanism to indicate overlapping calls. I hope to have this out the door very soon. This update will require a lot of app files to be changed and also comes with massive updates to the vendor dependencies. I recommend you replace the entire app folder when the update comes out. This will require you to re-edit your config.php file. More to follow.