Coral 1.1.0

The last update for a while, but still awesome!

Published on November 25, 2017

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Coral 1.1.0

The new Coral update is almost finished! Version 1.1.0 brings the ability to create monitors throughout your file-system! Yep, you read that right, you are no longer locked into only those folders in your web root! Additionally, I've added a number of link-focused patterns to the PHP and HTML parsers. Also, there is a new "Live Scan" which you can access from within the monitor page(s). The live scan gives you the power of the Comprehensive Scan, in half the time, using half of the resources, to let you see at any time, without committing it to the database, the state of your monitored files. This is an awesome place to resolve issues in bulk. I will be covering all of these new features in an updated product video demo when it is released. I expect to have it packaged up and uploaded to CodeCanyon next week. More to follow!

Serenity 2.1.1

Serenity is getting a patch upgrade which introduces the ability to manually mark invoices as paid and an instant email notification to a customer when you create a new invoice. After this next update, I will be taking an indefinite break from development on Serenity. I will still provide bug fixes and customer support. Sales have dwindled exponentially, and I am not sure it is competitive with the other applications on the marketplace.

Probe 1.0.0

I will be testing Probe here on my own site for a month or so to make sure everything is working and functions as intended. The first task it will be responsible for my own site is a feature request form / survey which I plan on opening up to all my customers. In this test I hope to see how valuable the application is while also getting all of you invaluable feedback on my applications and what you would like to see down the road. Be on the look out! This is my first, no SQL-based application. I intend to push the hell out of the file manifest system to see if can hold up to a large audience. The good thing about being SQL free is that everything can be version-controlled and you can move an installation easily without worrying about migrating a database!