Closing out 2016

Nickel CC, Vulcan, Coral, Serenity version 2.0.0, and Entity status

Published on November 16, 2016

News and Updates

Lots of new stuff coming up

Well after a lot of drawbacks and surprises, this year is finally coming to a close. It's been some time since I wrote a blog post, but since then version 2 of Serenity has been released and I have begun working on my first premium application: Scholar, a complete and professional learning management system for everyone. The biggest, and most frustrating, moments of this year have been declining Entity sales and Serenity stagnation. Both took the better part of a year each to redesign and improve, and even though they are way ahead of most of the competition, no one is biting.

Sales are, sadly, the biggest drive to spend more time developing these applications. Entity has stagnated to the point that I am considering dropping support in 2017 and halting all development work on it. Another, equally frustrating aspect of developing for CodeCanyon, is that I rarely get feedback or suggestions on how to make the applications on there better. There is nothing more annoying than watching a competitors application, that does less than Entity, garner hundreds of sales, while Entity sits at a "whopping" 48 sales over the last 3 years! Frustrating as it may be, all it does is make me refocus my efforts elsewhere.

Serenity CC version 2.0.0

Serenity version 2 is live! It is packed with new features and sets the bar pretty high! Be sure to read more about it on the Serenity product page. You can expect many updates and feature add ons early on in development. I am already working on the Classic theme, which will be free to all customers. Additionally, I will be releasing professional, self-released themes, which will start at only $10 USD. All themes are built using Twig and integrate with Serenity seamlessly. You can make Serenity feel and behave like a completely new application thanks to the engine and compartmentalization. This same behavior will be translated to all my upcoming applications, excluding Entity.

Along with the ability to create your own custom themes, version 2 also sports a much more robust language and translation system. It is still undergoing complete implementation, but creating your own translation files is super easy.

Nickel CC

I have decided to move into the e-commerce sphere and create a small, intuitive, way to sell your digital and physical products with all the same awesome benefits gained from my new base app engine. Themes, languages, and everything else you can imagine that matters will be fully customizable! I will be uploading more information on this upcoming application within the next few months. It does not aim to be a competitor to large, open-source projects like Magento or CS Cart, but it will be easy, small, and affordable for the everyday person who just wants to sell stuff without the hassle.

Vulcan, Coral, and Cinder CC

Over the last three to four months, I have been working on a home-built SEO, analytics, site performance, and intrusion detection suite and decided to package it up and release it to the world. Vulcan and Cinder are two separate components that integrate into any website and monitor visitor activity. Vulcan is responsible for HTTP access monitoring, Coral looks for potentially harmful code injection, and Cinder is a heatmap tracker that monitors user engagement. I don't expect to have this suite ready any time soon, but if you are super stoked and want to let me know, shoot me an email. I am also heavily considering releasing this suite as a Wordpress plugin, but I am still not sure if that is the way I will go yet. Food for though though.