Support Notice for early 2018

Response time will be longer than normal.

Published on December 30, 2017

News and Updates

Delayed Support Response Time

In addition to not being available for work from January 2018 through April 2018, I have setup an automated email responder on my main support email. My normal 48-hour response time will likely be greatly delayed and I will almost assuredly not be releasing anything new or updating my current product line. I will still have access to my developer GIT repos just in case a serious "application-breaking" bug shows up. However, for the minor things, there will be a significant delay addressing them.

Coral 1.1.1

I will be uploading a minor update to Coral this week. A few new bugs were discovered but I have squashed them. I expect to encounter more minor bugs here and there, since version 1.1.0 was such a huge update to the Coral internals, especially the security routine and parsing classes. With all that refactoring, there is bound to be a problem or unforeseen issue once in a while. I will work my best to squash the issues as quickly as you bring them up.