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Whether you are just doing price research or perhaps you haven't completely committed to the thought of having someone do web development work for you, either way: I got you covered!

The prices indicated here serve to give you a good range to use when considering me for your project. Every project is different and the prices shown reflect the man-hours required to complete common web projects with various static revision and dynamic factors included.

Associated Cost Domains

My design and development services are estimated and broken down into easily understandable domains, each with varying levels of complexity and time-intensity. I estimate everything based on man-hours.

Visual Design

HTML, CSS, artwork, images, and branding.


Content management, placement, and ghostwriting.


Client training and product support.

Information Architecture

Business information and online data persistence.


Third-party tools and applications required.


Programing, scripting, and live interactivity.

Single Page Sites





Multi Page Sites

Per Unique Page / Layout

+$250 to $500

Multipage sites are priced by how many unique layouts are required. Because of the varying intricacies of pricing layout variations, you can reasonable expect to pay from $250 to $500 for each additional layout. I offer ways to bundle and save for certain circumstances.

* These prices reflect static website design only. No server-side programming is included.

Web Applications

Starts at


Tops off at


My CodeCanyon Apps as Examples

How much would it cost you to develop something like:

how much to develop Entity Entity: $4,500
Serenity: $1,800
Phantom: $1,200
Coral: $1,000

Web App Pricing

Web applications cover a lot of the features listed below:

  • Secure User Management
  • Online Payments
  • File sharing
  • Metrics and Analytics

So many variations and implementations exist. For example, let's say you need users to be able to login using their Facebook or Google account. Well, that affects time, which affects costs. Online Payment Gateways are another factor; How many do you need to support? Again, all of this is discussed up front, but it is definitely something you should think about.

To the left are my estimations of what it would cost to develop similar applications to my CodeCanyon suite. You can demo them to get an idea of what you are getting for your money.

* All web application and site designs come with 1 year of free support and bug fixes free of charge.


Not Currently Available

Unfortunately, I am currently not available for any custom or freelance work. Please check back later or browse through the pricing estimates to get an idea of how much your project will cost to develop.