Web Design

Responsive Design offers flexibility and wider accessibility

Your site should display beautifully across all devices and screen sizes and it will. More and more people use smartphones and tablets to research products and services. Don't be the one who is ignored because of a difficult to use website!

Code is clean and well documented for easy customization

My code is clean, semantic and well-commented for easy editing. W3C validation is not an after-thought. You shouldn't have to worry about cross-browser support, so don't! Let me make it right from the ground up.


Form follows Function

What makes a good website? Is it graphical appeal, content, or usability? I argue that in practice, it's a bit of all these things working together toward a common goal: user engagement. Without users a website isn't worth the cost of hosting it. The content on your website should be free of errors, avoid duplication, and provide good, semantic markup that follows modern web standards. The form of your website will inevitably follow the function of your business and the purpose of your service.

From the beginning, my focus is on understanding and meeting the functional goals of your business. No matter what sparked your interest in starting a new website or remodeling an old one, those goals will remain at the forefront of the design and presentation of your website. I don't go out swinging blindly, no, I start with logical data gathered from user interface and user experience surveys to craft and mold a unique and usable solution for you from the start.

Looking for more than just a static website?

Ask yourself...

  • pool Are you tired of searching through the endless ocean of Wordpress plugins, struggling to make a blogging platform perform as a professional intranet or e-commerce solution?
  • security Are you're ready to quit worrying about being hacked because of outdated plugins and only finding out when someone has already hijacked your site?
  • palette Are you tired of trying to make an unmanageable pool of other people's work match the look and feel of your business?

If so, why not hire me to make you a solution your business deserves?

Web Development Services


Not Currently Available

Unfortunately, I am currently not available for any custom or freelance work. Please check back later or browse through the pricing estimates to get an idea of how much your project will cost to develop.