Phantom CC

Phantom CC

Automated Online Business Posturing

Get smart on what your competitor's are doing. Deploy Phantom on your server and keep an eye on your competitor's web posture! With Phantom you can build individual profiles to keep an eye on the important content choices your competitor's, or any popular online entities, are making. The data you gather will offer valuable insights into what your particular market is doing online and provide your business with priceless insider knowledge to set you up for competitive success!

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Host & User Requirements

  • Apache Web Server Apache Web Server
  • Php Version PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL Supported A MySQL database
  • JavaScript Enabled Javascript Enabled Browser


  • jQuery jQuery
  • Built on Slim 3 PHP Framework Slim 3

This application is currently under development and requirements might change

About Phantom

This is a list of currently planned features and it is subject to change

Content Scraping

Phantom makes content scraping useful. Using cURL, Phantom collects all links from a target website and recursively scans and catalogues all relevant content into a meaningful collection of data.


Using the data gathered from the scraping process, Phantom presents all gathered information in a easy to understand way giving you valuable insight on what kinds of content decisions your target competitors are making.

Empowers your business' posture

Phantom gives you an inside glimpse on what kind of content choices drive customer's to your competitor's website. With the information gathered, you can get an understanding on how you should posture your content to compete.

Automation that tracks changes

Phantom can be configured to check for content updates on targeted websites and provides valuable insight into possible posturing actions of your competitors. These operations can be set to be performed automatically using cron jobs.